Hygienic and Durable Pet Bedding Solutions

The latest in bedding specifically designed for the Pet Industry:

  • Vinyl cover means it’s incredibly easy to disinfect.
  • High Density foam prevents bunching and offers support and comfort for pets of all sizes and ages.
  • Welded edges provide a completely water tight cover protecting the foam from any moisture or bacteria.
  • Ripstop Vinyl cover keeps your VetPad in excellent condition for years to come.

The VetPad Story

VetPad was originally designed to fit simple a purpose. Leah wanted a pet bed to use in the salon that could be easily cleaned between dogs, was more comfortable than a towel and with 2 small children, wouldn't add to the extremely large amount of washing that she does every week. Not finding anything currently on the market in Australia, Leah reached out to a number of manufacturers and the original VetPad was created.

VetPads are all custom made, check out the shop to see a range of suggested sizes to get an idea on price. Once you know the size you'll then need to decide on a PVC or Ripstop Vinyl Cover. If wear and tear is likely to be minimal PVC has a wide range of colours to choose from to fit in with your business colour scheme. If you need a dog bed to withstand being a diggy mat and play toy go with the original Ripstop.